Region is located on the left bank of the Daugava River and Daugavgrivas highway, opposite Spilves meadows. This area is also part of the territorial Kremeri and Russian island. The district is characterized by elongated longitudinal terotorijas form. Like other neighborhoods of Riga Voleri formed on the former estate lands. Swedish committed the plow audit in 1638th shows that Voleru manor was sparsely populated. Interestingly, it was listed one male resident. Why? Because women at that time did not regard. Later the manor changed several owners, the change territory within the manor, which significantly influenced the historical development of the territory further long echoing contemporary architecture and construction principles.

Based on historical sources of evidence, we conclude that the 17th-19th Voleri century were a number of farmers in villages, but the land was suitable for handling a little. Consequently, the majority of neighborhood residents living gained by sea and river-related positions, which significantly affected the area of the National People's development, both cultural and employment law. At present the Russian island of Riga port activities planned for the partial shift from Andrejostas to liberate the city center from cargo handling, but this process is very controversial because, for example: it will completely change the island's natural vegetation in the water up near the lagoon and marshy and periodically flooded. Against this idea was also speaking representatives of Latvian nature, or Defender, which vehemently protesting against terotorry natural fauna and animal disturbing the existing future opportunities in the fight against these threats. Voleru region primarily developed as an industrial port area, it is sparsely populated, and no significant cultural and historical heritage of the former manor houses remained the only one.

Neighborhoods have higher values Kremer nature reserve and the Russian island still untouched nature with large colonies of gulls which are likely to be made into the future as the site area attract potential foreign investors.

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